Friday, December 18, 2015

6th grade Warhol objects

6th graders did a quick Andy Warhol project to learn about the color wheel and contrasting colors. They chose 1 object and re-drew it 4 times, painting with bright, contrasting colors each time.

Sunglasses Self Portraits

7th and 8th graders impressed me so much using the grid system to create a self portrait. I took all of their photos with sunglasses on, I didn't want them to worry about drawing eyes, because that is the hardest part to make look realistic. They folded their printed photo into 24 sections, and recreated the same grid on their final paper. They drew their photograph with pencil, learning how to shade different facial features and hair. Then, they used colored pencils to draw a dream of theirs inside of their sunglass lenses.

Winter snowscape

6th graders created winter landscapes, practicing how to create a snow-like affect with paint, as well as stars on a dark, cold night.

3 part typography project

Graphic Design students created a 3-part typography project. First, they created a basic alphabet following the guidelines of creating a font like width, height, thickness and weight. Then they created a hand-drawn "fancy" font, adding an element of decoration to their first basic alphabet. Lastly, they chose a quote and applied their fancy font to it with an illustration.

Graphic design Raise Awareness Campaigns

Claudia wanted to raise awareness about domestic abuse. She used pantone swatches to show different colors of bruises and gave them unexpected names, like the name of a woman or the basis of an argument.


Priscilla wanted to raise awareness about the norms of beauty. She photographed her friends' different hair textures to show there's no perfect hair and she photographed her friend and added leg hair, to show you can still be beautiful with some hair on your legs, or in your eyebrows.

Gabriela wanted to shed light on the obvious difference in economic status that you see in every car ride in Santo Domingo. She took each picture for her campaign from inside of a car, and brought attention to homeless people living on the street, the lack of education, and the needs of all families.


Daniela wanted to raise awareness about animal abuse. She photographed her own cat and dog, and wrote a quote about animal abuse over-top. She also created a logo to go on each poster.


Gabriela created a campaign about putting an end to war. She hand-drew each poster, explaining different elements about what we lose during times of war.

Graphic Design create your own business project

Estephania created the bakery "Lolly" with a logo, color scheme and package design.


Miu Chen created "The Tropical Blender" with a menu and poster design.


Damaris created a fashion line with logo, poster and package design.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

6th grade Christmas cards

6th graders created their own Christmas cards to give to their loved ones. They make their own sketches and used different materials like watercolor, tempera and colored pencils to fill in teh details.