Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pre-K Mother's Day projects

In Pre-K, students made 2 pieces of art for their moms.

First, they cut 9 hearts out of different colored paper. Their cutting has really improved, at the beginning of the year many of them didn't know how to hold the scissors properly, and now they are heart cutting experts. Then, they used white oil pastels to draw clouds on light blue paper. They glued tehir hearts in a bunch to look like heart-shaped balloons. They used black crayon to draw the strings. In the card, they all wrote beautiful messages about why they love their moms.

The second activity we did was to make hearts inspired by the Brazilian pop-artist Romero Britto.

Students drew the hearts with black crayons and decorated the inside with line or dot patterns. Then, they used liquid watercolor to paint.

Here are the Mother's Day art projects altogether...

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