Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Modern Dominican muralists

7th and 8th graders learned about some current Dominican artists. Throughout the DR, these artists have murals covering different walls, some are also used for advertising in stores or restaurants. They have a giant impact in the country, making it colorful and beautiful. Students find these artists very inspirational since they are successful at doing what they love, and their art is so thought provoking and connects to current trends and issues. 

The 4 artists that we focused on are listed below. The class worked in groups of 4 to create a painting influenced by each artist's style.





Mirna Ledesma paintings

For our "Dominican Artist Art Exhibit" 5th graders recreated Mirna Ledesma paintings in groups of 4. They worked together to create the background texture, sketch and painting. They turned out beautiful, and were a big hit at the exhibit.

Monet garden paintings

6th graders learned about the life and art of Claude Monet. They loved his work, especially his waterlily and Japanese garden paintings towards the end of his life. They spent many class periods layering colors of paint to achieve his impressionist effect. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2015 Mural: We Are MC School

MC School's mural club created a beautiful mural representing all of the different important elements of MC School and its students. Section 1 represented music, Section 2 was sports, section 3 displayed happiness and creativity with exciting patterns, section 4 showed people expressing themselves in different ways with a Kieth Haring inspired timeline of people growing and enjoying their lives, section 4 showed education, artistically representing science, math tesselations, reading and maps, and section 5 represented nature with a repeating landscape. We had a blast creating this mural and learned a lot in the process.

2016 Mural: Journey Through the Dominican Republic

We  have finally completed our lovely 2016 mural. This year's mural club was extended to 7th-12th graders, and we worked for a LONG time on brainstorming ideas, individual sketches, voting, and combining all of our ideas to create (and get approved) one large sketch:


Final Approved Sketch

After the sketch was approved, we got to work. Our mural combined different elements of the Dominican Republic. It has waterfalls, ocean, beach, architecture, foliage, flowers, trees and animals. We also chose to represent the Mirabal sisters in the form of 3 Dominican butterflies flying above the ocean.