Tuesday, September 22, 2015

6th Grade Romero Britto art

First, we practiced with these copies of basic images and examples of common Britto patterns.

Then, students chose their own item to draw, I let them choose an object, food, a character or animal.

Here are the VIBRANT final results:

The bulletin in the hallway:

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5th Grade tints and shades

5th graders are learning about the elements of art. For our first project, about Picasso's Blue Period, we are applying the element of value, by creating tints (lighter versions) and shades (darker versions) of blue. Each student had their own palette so they could create the tints and shades themselves.

Graphic Design: Cut & Paste basic compositions

This year, I am teaching Graphic Design at MC School for the first time to High-School students. I am very excited because I am a graphic designer, and don't get enough time to incorporate it into my student projects. Before we began designing, students researched graphic designers and presented their history and examples of their work. We have begun creating basic compositions using black and white shapes in a square format, focusing on shape, form, negative space and placement. I gave students paper with six empty squares, and another paper with various geometric shapes to cut out and glue, taking into account what we learned in class. They did a great job and are ready for our next leap into design composition.

Name Doodles

To start off the new 2015/2016 School Year, 5th-8th graders created "Name Doodles." We looked at examples of decorative words and letters such as graffiti, pictograms, zentangles, pop-art, 3-D, self-portraits, etc., then they got to work. I didn't give a lot of direction in this assignment, as I wanted them to explore their own creative ways to express themselves. I think they turned out so amazing, vibrant, bold and expressive.