Monday, June 15, 2015

5th Grade Nature perspective

5th graders have learned a lot about perspective and depth this year. They created a city-scape perspective, a night-time perspective, and focused on depth and shadows with their Wayne Thiebaud art. Their last project was to show perspective in nature, they were asked to show foreground, middle-ground and back-ground, and draw elements like grass/ hills, a river, trees, mountains, and clouds; using color to make things darker (and smaller) as they got farther back. This perspective was a lot simpler and more relazxing than the city-scape perspective. They used black crayons and watercolor to create their master-pieces.

Wayne Thiebaud Gumball Machines

5th graders continued on with their food and depth theme, by creating one more Wayne Thiebaud piece. They loved his gumball machine painting so they created their own with oil pastels.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pop-Art themed Moving On Ceremony

As the 8th grade art teacher, it is my job (with a lot of amazing helpers) to create the surprise the 8th graders with the decorations for their "Moving On Ceremony."

At the beginning of the year I designed their class logo for them in pop-art Lichtenstein style, since that was what we were learning about in art at the time. I also designed t-shirts to go with the logo that has become their official theme:


So for the ceremony, I continued with the pop-art theme, combining Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol style art. I used colored bulletin paper, polka-dot wrapping paper, and a lot of tape and glue to make it come to life...

Of course there had to be a studio wall, showcasing 8th graders very own Lichtenstein style portraits:

Warhol inspired wall decor:

Ceremony pics: