Monday, June 1, 2015

Pop-Art themed Moving On Ceremony

As the 8th grade art teacher, it is my job (with a lot of amazing helpers) to create the surprise the 8th graders with the decorations for their "Moving On Ceremony."

At the beginning of the year I designed their class logo for them in pop-art Lichtenstein style, since that was what we were learning about in art at the time. I also designed t-shirts to go with the logo that has become their official theme:


So for the ceremony, I continued with the pop-art theme, combining Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol style art. I used colored bulletin paper, polka-dot wrapping paper, and a lot of tape and glue to make it come to life...

Of course there had to be a studio wall, showcasing 8th graders very own Lichtenstein style portraits:

Warhol inspired wall decor:

Ceremony pics:

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