Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kindergarten Snowman Mural

Each grade in the school, all the way up to high-school, are currently working on a large mural to display for this year's Christmas art exhibit. Kindergartners are going to make a snowman mural, and we got started on it this week. In class, we split into 3 groups to create different parts of our large mural. Group 1 painted the characters in our snowy scene; the snowman (and his clothes), and 2 little bird friends. Group 2 mixed the colors white, blue and purple to paint majestic mountains. Group 3 learned how to make snowflakes by folding square paper 3 times and making a lot of cuts, then unfolding to reveal the final result. Each group did a great job, we can't wait to put it altogether and see how it looks!

Kinder A:

Kinder B:

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