Friday, September 5, 2014

Pre-K lines, lines, lines!

Today we explored straight, zigzag and curvy lines in 3 different ways: Some students used cut out straight, wavy and zig-zag lines today to explore and create as many shapes and images as they could. There sure are a lot of things you can make with a simple line! Group two practiced their lines on a giant, table covered paper. They ended up using curvy lines to create and ocean and zigzag lines to make mountains. The third group explored lines with hard objects like tubes, straws, sticks and pipe-cleaners. They created houses with the straight sticks and musical instruments with the curvy pipes. Some kids explored lines with clay, making snakes out of curvy lines, trees out of straight lines and lightning out of zigzags.



It's so interesting to see the vast differences between the final results, when each student used the same exact materials.

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