Monday, September 22, 2014

Collaborative Keith Haring mural

The 5th graders learned about the life of the talented, smart, hardworking and generous Keith Haring. Below, you can see an example of his striking work...
He was the artist responsible for the iconic Best Buddies logo, which is a very important organization for the students at MC School.

We were inspired by the lighthearted fun side of Keith in art class today. We listened to 1980's music because that was when Keith's art was truly booming, then students took turns dancing, posing and drawing. When the music stopped, the draw-ers drew their partners frozen pose, then we switched groups. Keith's artistic style is easy and fun to imitate, he didn't draw facial or body features, just outlines.

When we finished the dance party part, students cut out their drawings, and we glued them onto a large white poster-board. 

Next, we added black outlines to the people, and lines around them. 

Final result: What a great collaboration piece! 

5th graders gave this colorful piece to Mr. K as a gift to Best Buddies. It feels great to both make art and give it away for others to enjoy.

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